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New York Defensive Driving FAQ

What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive Driving is the act of operating a motor vehicle in a manner that promotes safety. Defensive Driving is more than just applying the basic principles of operating a motor vehicle but is a form of driving that applies specific driving techniques designed for accident prevention in order to save lives and prevent injury.

What is the Defensive Driving Course?

The NY Defensive Driving Course is a 6-hour course designed to remind you of accident prevention techniques. In addition to learning these techniques, you will also earn a Point & Insurance Reduction.

What is PIRP?

PIRP stands for Point & Insurance Reduction Program. The PIRP course is more commonly called the Defensive Driving Course or Accident  Prevention Course.

Is your course approved by the NYS DMV?

Yes! Our course is provided by American Safety, Inc. And has been approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles


How long is the NY Defensive Driving Course?

The defensive driving course is 6 hours long but you can take the course in multiple sessions. Log in and out of the course whenever you please!

Will I receive an Insurance discount for completing the Defensive Driving Course?

Yes! In New York State, you are guaranteed a 10% reduction on your liability and collision coverages if you complete a NY DMV approved course.

How long does the Insurance Discount last?

The 10% insurance discount will last for 3 years.

How do I receive my Insurance Discount?

After you have completed the course, you will be mailed a Certificate of Completion. Present  the certificate to your insurance company. They will then apply your insurance discount retroactively to the date of completion.

Will I receive a Point Reduction for completing the Defensive Driving Course?

Yes! Up to 4 Points  will be reduced from your driving record.

Will completing the course remove the points from my license?

No. The points remain on your license. Point reduction means that the DMV will not count up to  4 points on your driving record towards suspension or revocation. The points remain but the DMV will not count them.

I don’t have points on my license.  Can I use the course as a credit on future points?

No. The point reduction only applies to points you received within the 18 months prior to you taking the course.

How do I receive the Point Reduction?

We will notify the DMV of your successful course completion. The DMV will automatically reduce up to 4 points on your driving record.